Nativity Christmas Spice Ornaments Made Easy

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Items Required: Whole Cinnamon Sticks, Whole Cloves, Whole Allspice, Whole Star of Anise, Hot Glue Gun, Ribbon or Raffia

1. Assemble and prepare your spices.

a. If you have long cinnamon sticks, they may need to be cut to size before use. You will need sticks of varying sizes (3-4 inches for the stable and 1 inch or less for the wise men).

b. Pick out the best star of anise available. Ideally they will be intact and star shaped. Set aside.

c. Pick through the cloves to find cloves that have both a base and a rounded top. Set aside.

2. Heat the hot glue gun. Remember as you glue to use plenty of glue. If you are making multiple sets, complete each step on all ornaments before moving on to the next step.

3. First, assemble the base of your nativity- the stable. Glue two glue sticks together at an angle to form a roof. Generally attaching them at a 45 degree angle or larger is ideal. There should be an overlap as you glue the sticks together. Generally it works well to glue the sticks together about a half inch down the stick.

4. Glue one cinnamon stick to each side to form the walls of your stable. Once again, you will want at least a half inch overlap.

5. Glue one cinnamon stick across the bottom to form the base of the stable.

6. Assemble the wise men by gluing a 1 inch cinnamon stick (body) to a singular allspice ball (head). You will need 2 or 3 wise men per Nativity. Make a baby Jesus for each Nativity using this same method.

7. Glue the Nativity members into the stable. Use 2-3 wise men, 2 cloves (Mary and Joseph) and baby Jesus. Arrange them in the manner you find most attractive. There are a variety of different arrangements that work well. Arrange your pieces before gluing as it is almost impossible to correct mistakes.

8. Top the nativity by gluing a star of anise to the top of the nativity.

9. Wait for all the hot glue to dry in between each step. Tie a ribbon or piece of raffia through the top of the nativity.

10. The completed spice nativity can be hung on the tree either using the ribbon loop or by attaching a small ornament hook to the ribbon.

11. These make a great gift or look great on the tree. Consider making several to give to family or friends.

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